A judge refuses to grant an injunction halting sales of 'The Blueprint'...

A NEW YORK judge has refused to grant an injunction halting sales of JAY-Z ‘s album ‘THE BLUEPRINT’ and single ‘IZZO (H.O.V.A.)’ while a copyright infringement suit over the track is being settled.

Singer Demme Ulloa is seeking compensation and credit for the key role she alleges to have performed on the track. Jay-Z‘s legal team insist that Ulloa merely provided backing vocals to the track and should receive payment comparable to other session singers.

According to MTV, Ulloa says she was visiting the studio where ‘Izzo…’ was being recorded, heard bits of the song and began to sing bits of the melody now being disputed. She insists Jay-Z heard this and asked her to sing on the track.

She also insists that her name has been omitted from the sleevenotes for ‘The Blueprint’, though Jay-Z‘s side insists this was an oversight.

Jay-Z must file a response to Ulloa’s complaint of copyright infringement by December 7. Following that date a further hearing may be scheduled.