Two arrested as those who can't get in try to storm the Po Na Na venue...

There was pandemonium outside JAY-Z‘s one-off LONDON show last night (November 5) when a “hostile crowd” of several hundred people without tickets attempted to storm the venue, HAMMERSMITH’s PO NA NA.

An eyewitness caught in the crowd has told NME.COM that problems began at around 11pm (GMT). Some people in the queue held both tickets and wristbands and, believing that one or the other was enough to gain access, began handing either their ticket or wristband to those desperate to enter who had neither. The numbers swelled over the next hour and a crush began.

“At around midnight hundreds of people were pushing towards the door and when I tried to get out of the way, police were moving the crowd in a different direction and no-one was sure what was going on. It started to get really hairy, a real crush. There were some people trying to rush in through a side door and then bangers were let off,” the eyewitness said. “There were people running and screaming to get away from it. I managed to get away and across the street and then it seemed to get really nasty. At quarter past 12 the doors were bolted shut and people got angry. I saw some people trying to pull down the doors to get in. There were more and more police arriving as I left.”

Jay-Z took to the stage at midnight and played for an hour. As fans left at 1am the irate crowd was still gathered. A spokesperson for the police told NME.COM this morning that police backup was called just after midnight because of “a large hostile crowd.” Two 21-year-old men from east London were arrested as result of events. One was held for affray and the other for public order offences. Both remain in custody and neither have yet been charged.

Goldie, Dane Bowers and rising producer Adam F were amongst those caught in the crush.