The workaholic's 'Blueprint II' features the likes of Beyonce Knowles and Lenny Kravitz...

JAY-Z is to maintain his prodigious workrate of an album a year, with new record ‘THE BLUEPRINT II: THE GIFT AND THE CURSE’ appearing in November.

The album will be released in the US on November 5 and a week later, November 11, in the UK. It will be the rap supremo’s seventh studio album, the previous four have gone straight to Number One on release in the US.

‘The Blueprint II’, coming off the back of last autumn’s ‘The Blueprint’ will feature a host of guest stars, according to Billboard, including Beyonce Knowles, Dr Dre, Rakim, The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams andLenny Kravitz. The Beyonce track ’03 Bonnie & Clyde’ is mooted as first single to be lifted from the album.

“My whole thing was to record a whole lot of music coming off ‘The Blueprint’,'” Jay-Z said. “That was considered a classic as soon it came out. You know how people always compare an artist’s last album to their latest? I knew that that was going happen, so I wanted to make sure it was extra tight.”