A woman claims her neighbours bullied the rapper into not buying her property...

Rapper supremo Jay-Z has become embroiled in a lawsuit over the collapse of a multi-million dollar sale of a plush NEW YORK apartment.

A resident in the TriBeCa area of Manhattan has issued a $10million lawsuit against her neighbours, accusing them of bullying Jay-Z out of the purchase of her $6.5million apartment.

“The contract of the sale was all but signed when [Lynn Fisher Hill and Lewis Taffer], motivated by a ‘not in my backyard’ sentiment, set out to foil the transaction,” Sara Arnell claims in the suit.

The New York Post also reports that that the conflict began when Arnell was negotiating the sale with Jay-Z. “One or both” of the neighbours put up a notice inside the building barring “private security guards bearing firearms,” the court papers say.