The chart-topping rapper is looking at a long stretch if found guilty of stabbing a man in a New York nightclub...

Top-selling rapper JAY-Z faces 15 years in prison if found guilty of stabbing a man in a NEW YORK nightclub.

The chart-topper (real name Shawn Carter) is accused of stabbing Lance ‘Un’ Rivera’ during an incident at New York’s Kit Kat Club in December 1999.

According to www.sohh.com, prosecutors claim that the motive for the attack was the thought that Rivera was responsible for bootlegging ‘Volume 3: The Life And Times of S.Carter’, his first of two US Billboard chart-topping albums of 2000.

Jay Z’s defence teams claims he was nowhere near the vicinity of the fight and have video footage proving he was not at all involved.

The hearing begins on February 14, 2001.