Jay Z’s ‘Blueprint’ albums briefly appear – and then disappear – from Apple Music

The brief appearance of the rapper's albums are significant as rumours of Tidal's future being in doubt build

A selection of Jay Z‘s albums have disappeared from Apple Music after being briefly listed on the streaming service yesterday (October 3).

The Brooklyn rapper’s ‘Blueprint’ series – ‘The Blueprint’ (2001), ‘2: The Gift & The Curse’ (2002) and the compilation ‘Blueprint 2.1’ (2003) – were available to stream on Apple Music yesterday after a long absence from the streaming platform. The Jay Z-owned streaming service, Tidal, has near-exclusively housed Jay Z’s discography since it launched last year.

However, as Pitchfork reports, their availability on Apple Music was brief, as the three albums have today disappeared altogether from the platform.

The appearance of the albums – as brief as they were – is significant as the future of Tidal was said to be in doubt following a number of setbacks, such as the revelation that it had doubled its losses since Jay Z took the service over. Tidal has been struggling to compete with its rivals Spotify and Apple Music, despite securing exclusives from artists like Kanye West, Beyoncé and Prince.

There were also rumours that Apple Music was set to buy Tidal, although the boss of the former, Jimmy Iovine, dismissed suggestions last month that a corporate purchase was imminent. “We’re really running our own race,” he claimed. “We’re not looking to acquire any streaming services.”

West suggested back in July that such a deal should go through, imploring Apple CEO Steve Cook to buy Tidal from Jay Z in a series of tweets.