Standard Hotel employee fired for leaking footage of alleged incident between Solange and Jay Z

One person loses job for "breaching the security polices of the hotel and recording the confidential CCTV video".

The employee at The Standard hotel in New York who leaked a video purporting to show singer-songwriter Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law Jay-Z in a lift has been identified and fired, it has been confirmed.

The video was leaked online earlier this week (May 12) with a report claiming that the fracas happened at the New York establishment at an after-party for the annual Met Gala, which took place on May 5. The hotel investigated the leak, stating that violates the confidentiality it provides customers.

Swift action has been taking with The Associated Press reporting today (May 15) that a spokesperson for The Standard hotel confirming that the person had been terminated for “breaching the security polices of the hotel and recording the confidential CCTV video”.

The video, shot from a top-down viewpoint, shows a female figure striking out a male figure, who remains passive. The female figure is then restrained by a second male. TMZ claims you can see the bodyguard hit the emergency stop button as the elevator reaches the 12th floor. It further alleges Beyoncé was present throughout the attack.

Beyoncé, Solange and Jay Z were later photographed walking out of the hotel together, but Jay Z reportedly went to a different car than the two sisters.

A representative for Jay Z has not yet responded to NME‘s request for comment.