Jay Z admits ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ is not the best as he ranks his albums

The US rapper picks his 1996 debut 'Reasonable Doubt' as his best work

Jay-Z has ranked his albums in order, putting his 1996 debut ‘Reasonable Doubt’ at the top of the pile.

The US rapper posted the picture (see above) and list on his Life + Times blog with brief explanations for each record’s position. Labelling ‘Reasonable Doubt’ a “classic” alongside The Blueprint’, ‘The Black Album’ and ‘Vol.2… Hard Knock Life’, Jay Z admitted that his 2013 album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ is not his best and hand picks the only songs he likes on the release.

At the bottom of the list is his 2006 album ‘Kingdom Come’, which the rapper explains was his “First game back, don’t shoot me.” Similarly, ‘The Blueprint 2’ is dismissed as having “too many songs”.

The rapper also explains that he disagrees with critics of ‘The Blueprint 3’ and claims his single ‘Empire State Of Mind’ gives Frank Sinatra “a run for his money”. Scroll down to see the list in full.

Earlier this week it was reported that Jay Z and Beyonce have pledged to go vegan. The pair are taking the 22Days Challenge, which is an initiative promoted by Jay Z’s exercise physiologist friend Marco Borges, which aims to change people’s dietary and exercise habits by encouraging them to go vegan for 22 days.

1. ‘Reasonable Doubt’
2. ‘The Blueprint’
3. ‘The Black Album’
4. ‘Vol.2… Hard Knock Life’
5. ‘American Gangster’
6. ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’
7. ‘In My Lifetime, Vol. 1’
8. ‘The Blueprint 3’
9. ‘The Dynasty: Roc La Familia
10. ‘Vol. 3… The Life and Times of S. Carter’
11. ‘The Blue Print 2: The Gift and The Curse’
12. ‘Kingdom Come’