Nas ‘hangs’ Jay-Z dummy onstage – watch

The stunt was part of Nas' feud with Jay-Z in the noughties

Video footage has emerged of a Jay-Z dummy being hanged onstage by Nas – which you can watch below.

The clip, which is 10-years-old, shows the dummy made by Nas’ team during a high-profile feud the rapper had with Jay-Z in the noughties. Nas had commissioned a special-effects designer to create the Jay-Z mannequin, along with a set of gallows, to be used during his ‘Hot 97 Summer Jam’ performance in 2002. When organisers learned of what Nas had planned for the performance, they banned him from staging the event – leading the rapper to pull out of the gig.

The feud eventually came to an end in 2006, when Nas signed with Def Jam, of which Jay-Z was still president at the time. Nas and Jay-Z toured, recorded and appeared on television and radio together throughout that year.

Jay-Z was recently in the UK with Kanye West for their ‘Watch The Throne’ tour. The duo will play Manchester’s Evening News Arena tonight (June 12), Birmingham’s LG Arena on June 13 and 22 and Sheffield Motorpoint Arena on June 21.

According to the duo’s producer Mike Dean, the pair are planning to make a follow-up to their 2011 project. Dean is currently working on West’s label debut studio album ‘Cruel Summer’, also known as the GOOD Music compilation. The rapper recently debuted an experimental short film based on the album in Cannes last month.

Dean, who added production to West’s albums ‘Graduation’ and ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, told Quiet Lunch: “I’m working on the GOOD Music album, of course, and ‘Watch The Throne 2’ – it’s not started yet, but it’s coming.”