Jay-Z faces protests over renovation work on his New York nightclub

Giant inflatable rats are set up outside '40/40 Club' to highlight 'substandard wage' conditions

Jay-Z has been criticised over the handling of renovation work on his New York ’40/40 Club’.

The city’s District Council Of Carpenters has set up giant inflatable rats outside the club in protest over “substandard wage” conditions and the fact union workers aren’t being used for the job. Protestors have also set up a huge banner which reads, ‘Shame On The ’40/40 Club’ (Jay-Z) For Hurting New York City’.

The union is claiming that the company which was hired to make renovations to the building, Conelle Construction Corp, “does not meet area labour standards, including providing or fully paying for family healthcare and pension for all of its carpenter craft employees”.

They are holding Jay-Z responsible saying the rapper “has an obligation to see that area labour standards are met for construction work on their future location”.

But a spokesperson for the club told gossip site TMZ it is a non-union building and they are not required to use union contractors. They also said some protestors have been using “racial slurs against the workers, to try to intimidate people and scare away business”.

The ’40/40 Club’ is scheduled to re-open on November 1.