Kanye West and Jay–Z facing legal action over undeclared ‘Watch The Throne’ sample

Rappers are alleged to have used Syl Johnson's vocals without permission

Kanye West and Jay-Z could face legal action over a sample they have used on their new collaboration album ‘Watch The Throne’.

The rappers have used a sample of soul singer Syl Johnson‘s ‘Different Strokes’ on their new track ‘The Joy’, but according to Johnson‘s publishers, have done so without his permission or any money changing hands.

According to a blog post from publishing group The Numero Group, Johnson, who has previously been sampled by the likes of Michael Jackson and Kid Rock, is well practised at pursuing legal action and is prepared to do so against West and Jay-Z.

The post suggests that it was originally agreed that West could sample ‘Different Strokes’ for a bonus track on his last studio album, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, after a fee was agreed. However money never changed hands and Johnson remained unaware the song had been used until it appeared in the credits of ‘Watch The Throne’.

The album, which was released earlier this month, has set the record for the most downloads in its first week on sale.