Jay-Z and Kanye West’s joint album to be released on Monday?

Hip-hop collaboration is rumoured to be released sooner than expected

The collaborative album between Jay-Z and Kanye West is apparently set for release this coming Monday (July 4).

MTV reports that several media outlets were saying the album release was imminent, citing All Hip Hop, who have said that ‘Watch The Throne’ would be out as a digital-only release next week.

The website is quoted as saying: “I am hearing one of the craziest rumors in a minute. Word on the block is that Jay-Z and Yeezy are going to release ‘Watch The Throne’ on MONDAY as a digital ONLY release.”

They also wrote: “I may add Kanye and Jay have said absolutely nothing about the date of release even though they released ‘H.A.M.’ earlier this year. This rumor of Monday is in tune with the previous 4th of July rumors that I posted. But, the digital-only part is new.”

The album was previously rumoured to be coming out in January and then in March.

In October last year Kanye West said: “We’re going to the south of France at the end of this month, just to record new ideas,” he said. “We’ll probably be done with the album in a day or whatever.”

He added: “We’ve done about five [songs] so far… but we got some more. But think about it, it’s really easy; he only has to think of 10 verses.”