Jay-Z enters cannabis market with new brand ‘Monogram’

It seeks to "redefine what cannabis means to consumers today"

Jay-Z has officially entered the marijuana market launching a new cannabis brand called ‘Monogram’.

The legendary rapper was appointed as the Chief Brand Strategist for California-based cannabis company Caliva last year.

Yesterday (October 23), he unveiled ‘Monogram’ and shared some details about the brand that, according to a press release, seeks to “redefine what cannabis means to consumers today” through “careful strain selection, meticulous cultivation practices and uncompromising quality.”


It’s not yet been revealed as to whether ‘Monogram’ will be available for purchase in dispensaries, and which locations will stock them. You can visit the company’s website here.

To help promote ‘Monogram’, Jay-Z debuted a new Tidal playlist called ‘Monogram: Sounds From The Grow Room’ – you can listen to it below.

In a statement last year, after being appointed as Caliva’s Chief Brand Strategist, Jay said: “Anything I do, I want to do correctly and at the highest level.

“With all the potential in the cannabis industry, Caliva’s expertise and ethos make them the best partners for this endeavor. We want to create something amazing, have fun in the process, do good and bring people along the way.”

Jay-Z’s role at Caliva involves advising the company on creative decisions, outreach efforts and strategy as well as advocating for the social justice issues related to weed legalisation.


Meanwhile, Busta Rhymes has looked back on his time at high school, and his rap battles with then fellow student Jay-Z.

Appearing on 85 South Show, Busta looked back at the rise of fast flow and chopper rap in the mid-1990s. “Hov was on that shit really early,” he said, before recalling a rap battle with Jay-Z while the two of them were in high school.