Jay-Z’s feud with Tupac began after he collaborated with Biggie on ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’

That's according to Murder Inc co-founder Irv Gotti

Jay-Z‘s feud with the late Tupac Shakur began after he joined forces with The Notorious B.I.G on ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’, it has been claimed.

According to Murder Inc co-founder Irv Gotti, Shakur feared that Jay-Z might get embroiled in his long running feud with Biggie after they joined forces on the 1996 track. “That’s why ‘Pac was shitting on Jay because of ‘Brooklyn’s Finest,’” he told Fat Joe.

He went on: “Jay’s on the record with him so now he’s like, ‘Fuck you, ain’t no n***a like me, fuck Jay-Z,’ and he starts bombing on Jay.”


While Tupac went on to diss Jay-Z on a number of tracks, Jay ultimately opted to not release his response after Tupac was shot dead in September 1996.

Speaking of Jay’s planned response on the ‘A Waste of Time’ podcast, DJ Clark Kent previously admitted: “It never came out out of respect for the fact that he died.

“Jay did a record going at ‘Pac, but just as it was about to come out, son died…We performed it, though. We performed it once. You have to understand. The chip on JAY’s shoulder is so crazy, it’s just like he had to perform it.’”

Meanwhile, love letters written by Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G’s iconic crown went under the hammer recently – with the latter fetching thousands of dollars.