Jeff Buckley to get big screen biopic

And there will be new songs

A film chronicling the life of Jeff Buckley is set to hit the big screen.

‘Mystery White Boy’ will be produced by Mary Guibert, Buckley’s mother, and currently has 2008 release date pencilled in.

Speaking to NME.COM, Guibert also discussed recent rumours Brad Pitt would play her son.

She said: “Brad has never actually wanted to play Jeff, he found all those tabloid stories very funny. All he wanted to do was help produce a project that would have been close to his heart. Brad is still on a list of people we would love to have work with us.”

Guibert also hopes that the film will feature unheard Buckley music.

She added: “Anyone who knew Jeff knows that he had music in his head 24/7 so there’s going to be lots of music in the film. Sony does have studio material that hasn’t been released yet. We will try to use as much stuff as we can that people haven’t heard before.”