Jeff Buckley revealed as massive Smiths fan

His cover of one of the band's classics is released next week

Jeff Buckley was a big fan of The Smiths, according to his mother.

Buckley’s version of the Morrissey and Marr classic ’I Know It’s Over’ features on the new compilation ’So Real: Songs From Jeff Buckley’, which is released on Monday(May 28).

His mother Mary Guibert said: “Jeff was a huge Smiths fan. He thought Morrissey was a living legend, so this song was a very meaningful choice.”

Guibert also revealed her plans for future Buckley releases. She told The Sun: “My philosophy is to allow Jeff’s legacy to grow on a grassroots level with an orderly release of work, rather than letting it all be dumped on the market at the same time.

“Folks have seen that, and it has paid off – and I am very proud of that.”