And the live recordings will come with a free DVD...

The tracklisting for the new Jeff Buckley live album, ‘CAFE DAYS – LIVE AT SIN-E’, has been revealed.

The late singer/songwriter’s official website [url=]jeffbuckley.com

posted the listing for the album – due for release this summer – as well as details of a limited edition DVD.

The DVD will feature a previously unreleased interview with [a][/a], and excerpts of a live performance taped from a Sin-e show in 1996 – not recorded at the same time as the album. The DVD will be included in the first few thousand copies of the release.

The tracklisting is:


‘Be Your Husband’

‘Lover, You Should Have Come Over’

‘Mojo Pin’

‘Monologue: Duane Eddy & Songs For Lovers’


‘Monologue: Reverb And The Doors’

‘Strange Fruit’

‘Night Flight’

‘If You Knew’

‘Monologue: Fabulous Time for a Guinness’

‘Unforgiven (Last Goodbye)’

‘Twelfth of Never’

‘Monologue: Cafe Days’

‘Monologue: Eternal Life’

‘Eternal Life’

‘Just Like a Woman’

‘Monologue: False Start And Miles Davis’

‘Calling You’


‘Monologue: Nusrat, He’s My Elvis’

‘Yeh Jo Halka Saroor Hai’

‘Monologue: I’m A Ridiculous Person’

‘If You See Her, Say Hello’

‘Monologue: Classic Rock Radio’

‘Dink’s Song’

‘Monologue: Musical Chairs’

‘Drown In My Own Tears’

‘The Way Young Lovers Do’

‘Monologue: Walk Through Walls’

‘Je N’en Connais Pas La Fin’

‘I Shall Be Released’

‘Sweet Thing’

‘Monologue: Good Night, Bill’


‘Cafe Days – Live at Sin-e’ is dedicated to the memory of Nina Simone.