'Songs To No One: 1991-1992' comprises a string of early demos...

An album of early Jeff Buckley demos are to be released in the autumn.

‘Songs To No One: 1991-1992’ is set for release on October 14 and comprises songs recorded with guitarist Gary Lucas at the time Jeff Buckley was working on material for his debut studio album ‘Grace’. Lucas co-wrote the title track on that album, as well as the opening song, ‘Mojo Pin’.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Lucas spoke about the sessions. He said: “He was the best collaborator I’ve ever had. Jeff Buckley‘s voice just soared angelically, but it also had this raw rock intensity. I knew right then that this stuff was going to shake the world. I felt like I had dynamite in my pocket.”

Jeff Buckley died in 1997, after drowning in the Wolf River, Memphis. He was working on demos for what would’ve been his second solo album ‘My Sweetheart The Drunk’. It was posthumously released under the title ‘(Sketches For) My Sweetheart The Drunk’.

Lucas says he has more material that could be released in the future.