This time it's a compilation of sessions recorded at the New York cafe Sin-e...

A Jeff Buckley album compiling sessions recorded at the NEW YORK cafe SIN-E is in the pipeline.

[/a] drowned in May 1997 after going for a swim in the Mississippi River in Memphis, while recording his second album.

His only full studio album, ‘Grace’, was released in 1994. Material just before his death was eventually released on the 1998 posthumous album ‘(Sketches For) My Sweetheart The Drunk’. A live album was also released, titled ‘Mystery White Boy’, while other [a] releases come in the form of a compilation of early demos, and a Box Set of his singles.


Writing to fans on [/a]’s official website, his mother Mary Guibert revealed that a new double CD of [a] live recordings is being put together. The record will be comprised of songs recorded at Cafe Sin-e located in New York, where the singer had a residency.

She wrote: “(The sessions) contain some of the most amazing renditions of cover tunes the world has ever heard…we’re starting to talk about what a full length Sin-e project might entail – and we’re talking double CD!”

The album is set for release later this year.

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