The posthumous set features rare promo EPs...

A posthumous Jeff Buckley box set featuring rare promo EPs is being tentatively scheduled for the new year.

Speaking via the official Jeff Buckley newsletter, his mother Mary Guibert revealed that the set, featuring four promotional EPs released around the same time as his debut album ‘Grace’ in 1994, will surface “in early 2001”.

She said: “I can say that the International Division of the record label (Columbia) has recently asked for my approval to release a boxed set of ‘Grace’ album promo-only EPs with original artwork, so that means ‘Peyote Radio Theatre’, ‘Live at the Bataclan’, the Aussie ‘Grace’ EP and a promo EP produced in Holland (‘Live at Nighttown’) will be available to the general public as a European Import with major online distributors participating. This is slated for release after the Christmas deluge.”


Buckley died in May 1997 after going for a swim in the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee, while recording his second album. Material recorded at the time was eventually released on the 1998 posthumous album ‘(Sketches For) My Sweetheart The Drunk’.

There has been one other posthumous Buckley release, this year’s ‘Mystery White Boy’ live album, which featured the highlights of his world tours.

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