Jeff Buckley guitarist Michael Tighe talks about the forthcoming release...

Jeff Buckley guitarist MICHAEL TIGHE has told of how he and Jeff’s mother MARY GUIBERT selected tracks for the new 12-track live album JEFF BUCKLEY – MYSTERY WHITE BOY’, out on May 8 through Columbia.

Speaking on the official website for the late singer [url=], Tighe said: “It was obvious which performances were contenders for the record and in some cases, a performance would be so supreme and unpredictable that I knew it had to be brought to the public.”

“Most of the time we knew what we were doing, but when I listen to us now I hear a deeper dimension in the music. Jeff knew how to bring that into the room.”


“Live performance activated the strongest elements of Jeff’s gift. He was a generous person. Generous with his heart and there was no place where he was more comfortable than on the stage.”

“He thrived on the energy focus on him and reciprocated it again and again. He loved surpassing expectations. “He was an amazing, spontaneous creator.”

The son of folk rock legend Tim Buckley, Jeff drowned in the Mississipi in May 1997 after releasing just one album ‘Grace’.

His mother Mary Guibert helped put together the posthumous album ‘Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk’ which was released the next year.

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