Mary Guibert plans to make new material available via the late star's official website...

JEFF BUCKLEY’s mother MARY GUIBERT has defended the decision to ban NAPSTER users from downloading her son’s unreleased songs, but has announced plans to make new material available via his official website.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Napster users who had been downloading unreleased or live material from Buckley had their accounts blocked at the request of the late singer’s estate.

In a lengthy e-mail to the official Jeff Buckley mailing list, Guibert has defended the decision to ban users, citing the sales figures for last year’s live album ‘Mystery White Boy’ as evidence. She wrote: “Fans want me to rush more (Jeff Buckley) recordings to market. But I know that as soon as I do, it will be pirated and given away in a free-for-all of MP3 downloads on Napster and other Internet sources. ‘Mystery White Boy’ has sold only 42 thousand copies in the US while (posthumous second album) ‘Sketches…’ sold 80 thousand copies in the same number of weeks at a much higher retail price. It’s hard to believe that hundreds of thousands of copyright infringing downloads didn’t have something to do with that.

“I appreciate the fact that you have purchased CDs and the DVD. But, your purchase of goods from the grocery store shelves doesn’t quite justify you going to the grocery store owner’s home or warehouse, helping yourself to what isn’t for sale, and giving it away to a slew of his potential customers. Do it often enough and you run the poor guy out of business. I’m dead-set against unchecked Napster downloads of unreleased rarities and I do not see how any future indie release or subscription series would be helped by allowing Napster downloads.”

Guibert said that she will making high quality “free audio and video files” available via the official Jeff Buckley website [url=]

“as soon as we have a secure way” to provide them.

In other news, Buckley’s label Columbia Records have denied his life-story is to be made into a film, following the release of the Buckley biography ‘Dream Brother’ by David Browne.