The techno DJ puts a 21st century stamp on the soundtrack to Fritz Lang's classic 1926 movie...

Jeff Mills, the legendary second wave Detroit techno DJ and former Underground Resistance member, has produced an updated soundtrack for the film ‘METROPOLIS’.

Following the controversial Queen soundtracked re-release in the ’80s, Mills has produced a techno soundtrack to the classic 1926 Fritz Lang film. The original film, a startling Modernist parable, has a singular resonance with both Mills‘ and the original techno producers’ futurist outlooks.

As Mills explains, “It is our intention to re-introduce and educate the theories and ideology of Fritz Lang‘s 1926 masterpiece to the cyber youth of today. It seems fitting that this movie, the movie that shaped the young minds in the ’20s, with its timeless message of solidarity and the romanticising of its Utopian dream world be reiterated and reintegrated at the beginning of our new century.”

This is the Mills’ first album since the ‘From The 21st’, Japan-only album from the beginning of 1999. The album will be released through the stalwart Berlin-based techno label Tresor on CD only. A double vinyl version will be released through Mills‘ own Axis label. “Through the advances made in technology,” Mills concludes, “and the acute sense of futurism felt by the youth of today, we hope to capture the minds and expand the imaginations of the ones that will soon form and forge our new world.”