Jennifer Holliday pulled out of Donald Trump’s inauguration ‘following death threats’

'Dreamgirls' singer axed her performance last week, apologising to the LGBT community in an open letter for agreeing to perform.

Jennifer Holliday cancelled her performance at Donald Trump’s inauguration after she and her family received death threats, according to a new report.

The Tony Award-winning Dreamgirls singer was among the few acts to confirm they had accepted an invitation to play at one of the events being held around the President-elect’s inauguration in Washington D.C. on Friday (January 20).

However, she later pulled out of the inauguration and apologised to the LGBT community in an open letter for agreeing to perform.

According to TMZ, a representative for Holliday has now revealed that death threats were also a factor in her decision to ditch the inaguration.

The representative is quoted as saying: “It was all of those things. She wasn’t scared to perform. She didn’t want to put her family at risk based on the death threats and she also didn’t want to offend the LGBT community which was especially upset that a past ally would perform on a programme with President-Elect Donald Trump.”

Holliday became the latest artist to add to the headache of the organising committee in charge of Trump’s inauguration. A host of artists have either turned down invitations to perform or pulled out of planned events.

However, 3 Doors Down have improved the situation marginally by announcing they will play a Trump inauguration celebration concert this week.