The star drops the case against two unnamed defendants...

Jennifer Lopez has settled a lawsuit over the alleged existence of a video supposedly showing her having sex.

Her lawyer Larry Stein says Jennifer Lopez has now dropped the case against two unnamed defendants, according to ananova.

She had already sued Death Row Records last year, after it was reported label boss Suge Knight owned a video of the star making love to a past boyfriend. It was said he was planning to market it on the Internet.

Jennifer Lopez had claimed invasion of privacy and had wanted to block the tape’s release.

Dropping the case, Stein said the company quickly acknowledged that there was no tape and it didn’t have any tape with a href=”https://www.nme.com/artists/artist.htm?ID=172107″>Lopez involving any nudity.

Stein told a settlement hearing in Los Angeles: “We didn’t know whether somebody else who was in some way affiliated with them would claim some kind of tape or ownership.

“We wanted to make sure we had a lawsuit on file so we could take immediate action.”