But will it be as funny as 'Terry And June'? No, probably not...

JENNIFER LOPEZ is to produce a sitcom based on her life growing up in NEW YORK.

Lopez, who became famous for her role as a dancer in comedy series ‘In Living Color’ before embarking on a pop career, will executive produce the as-yet untitled series, but is not expected to star in it.

She is also planning to perform a one-hour special for NBC, according to reports from the US.

Elsewhere, the singer is reported to have lodged an invasion of privacy lawsuit against Death Row Records boss Marion ‘Suge’ Knight.

Last week, tabloid reports claimed that Knight had a video tape of Lopez having sex with a long-term boyfriend and was planning to make it public.

According to Allstar news on, the singer has now filed an invasion of privacy suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday (May 11), although it is not clear whether this relates to the alleged tape or not.

Lopez‘s publicist told Allstar that there was no such tape. Knight’s publicist confirmed that a video, titled ‘J-Lo Uncut: Tha Real Story’ would be released mid-summer, but said that as it is still being edited, it was not clear what the contents would be, while his attorney declined to reveal whether the ‘J-Lo Uncut’ tape was the alleged sex tape.