Package sent to American Media contained a "soapy, powdery substance"...

A “weird love letter to JENNIFER LOPEZ” is reportedly being considered as a possible link to an anthrax-related death in MIAMI.

It has been confirmed by local Public Health Officials that two employees of American Media in Miami, Florida – mailworker Ernesto Blanco and picture editor Bob Stevens – have been exposed to the deadly disease. Stevens, who worked for American tabloid The Sun, died from the symptoms on Friday (October 5).

According to the American news publication Newsweek, as part of an investigation into a possible link to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington (September 11), mailworkers are attempting to recall any unusual packages through their department.

A number recall an oddly worded letter to Jennifer Lopez received by the company before September 11, which also contained a “soapy, powdery substance” and a Star of David. Both infected men are thought to have handled the package.

The FBI are also attempting to locate an intern of Middle Eastern origin in relation to the death.

Workers at American Media have been given antibiotics prescribed for anthrax exposure.