The actress/singer takes 60 staff with her while she films 'Top Of The Pops' at the BBC...

JENNIFER LOPEZ left BBC staff amazed after arriving at a filming of TOP OF THE POPS with an estimated 60 staff taking over ten dressing rooms – all for an appearance estimated to have lasted seven minutes.

According to a report in UK tabloid The Sun, Lopez requested ten dressing rooms for her entourage, some of the which were decorated in muslin and white ruffled lace.

Elsewhere, she is said to have requested that a wind machine, usually used by BBC staff during filming, be used by her hairdresser so as to give her the right look.

An insider at Top Of The Pops told NME.COM that although other artists often have a large amount of people with them when recording the show, the sheer number with Lopez was “simply unprecedented”.

Lopez is also said to have flown three of her personal chefs from the US to prepare her entourage’s meals, described as “a total feast”.

On the show, Lopez mimed two tracks, ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ and ‘Play’ which will be broadcast on the chart show at a later date.