Plus - More Popstars nonsense, Liam Gallagher in baby shock, and is Baby Spice married or not? And who cares anyway?...

So J-Lo has finally given Puffy the push. Every single one of the red tops carries the sorry story this morning (February 15). “Puffy’s been catting around, chasing skirt all over the place,” a ‘source’ close to Puffy tells the Daily Star. The Sun is a little more circumspect, quoting their source saying: “Mr Combs is confirming this today as he wanted to put all the rumours surrounding their relationship to rest”. Reports that la Lopez is now available for a pizza and “a good film, maybe that one about the missing dragon and tiger” on Saturday night are unconfirmed at press time.

Meanwhile, Popstars beauty Myleene Klass has been two-timed throughout her seven-month romance,’ roars an indignant Sun. Seems that male model David Sebastian, 32, ‘a cheating sex addict’, has been in a series of steamy clinches with ‘pretty radio DJ Jo Jo Lewis’. “He is a big boy,” says Jo Jo, “He knows a lot about history and geography.” For much of their relationship Myleene has been locked in a house in a ‘secret location’ not allowed to tell anyone her whereabouts while the Popstars wannabes (now apparently called Hearsay) were put through their paces in a bid to become a successful real-deal pop act, rather than fascinating television experiment. David was once the model for Action Man toys.

The Sun also carries the curious tale of Spice Girl Emma Bunton as the bride who might not have been. They have a front page picture of her at a wedding reception carrying a balloon printed with a ‘Just Married’ legend. Her boyfriend, Jade from Damage was also in attendance. Emma wouldn’t confirm she was married, but said: “You can print anything you like, it’ll be quite funny.” Though it is not out of the question that she did tie the knot, if you apply the same leap in logic the next time you are spied down your local butcher’s carrying a pound of mince and a little black pudding, people might reasonably assume you are a butcher.


as dad is, incredibly, a very good look.

Elsewhere, Geri Halliwell faces losing her driving licence for a year after been found guilty of doing 60 in a 30mph zone, Boyzone’s Mikey Graham, who grew up in Dublin during the ’80s, has denied a flim script he is working on is based on his life – “It’s going to be about people living in Dublin during the ’80s,” he explains (The Star), and George Michael is to dedicate a new song on forthcoming album to Princess Diana – “She was a beacon for compassion and hope” says the former Wham! man (The Sun).

Finally, Gary Coleman, who fans of ’80s comedy hit ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ will remember as the wise-cracking, midget star (looked like an eight-year-old, talked like 40-year-old) has turned to porn to pay off debts.

According to The Star, the 33-year-old has “made four X-rated steamy recordings for lusting female fans”. He says things like: “Imagine my little body moving all over you. I’m small, but I know how to choo-choo.” He was paid a reported $50,000.