Jenny Lewis competes with skinny dippers at Wanderlust

Rilo Kiley singer joins Gillian Welch on stage

Jenny Lewis delivered a rousing set today (July 25) at the Wanderlust Festival in Lake Tahoe, California as the sun was setting over the mountain peaks.

The Rilo Kiley frontwoman and her backing band drew one of the largest crowds of the festival despite competing with skinny dippers bathing in the lake behind the stage who drew a crowd of their own.

Lewis ran through several tracks from her recent solo album, ‘Acid Tongue’, including ‘See Fernando’ and ‘Carpetbaggers’ as well as the Rilo Kiley track ‘Silver Lining‘. The band also did their cover version of the Traveling Wilburys‘Handle With Care’.


“Did anyone do yoga today?” Lewis asked the crowd, referring to the yoga classes that were offered that morning as part of the festival. “We were on a gondola and saw people doing downward facing dog. It looked a bit obscene.”

Earlier in the afternoon, Lewis joined Gillian Welch during her set for an a cappella version of the classic folk tune ‘Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby’.

Jenny Lewis played:

‘See Fernando’
‘The Charging Sky’
‘You Are What You Love’
‘Jack Killed Mom’
‘Acid Tongue’
‘Silver Lining’
‘Rise Up’
‘Handle With Care’
‘The Next Messiah’
‘Born Secular’

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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