Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst reveal they made a record together a decade ago

The artists recorded 'Blood on the 4-Tracks' the week after Elliott Smith's death

Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst have revealed they once made a record together.

Speaking to Noisey, the pair explained they recorded ‘Blood on the 4-Tracks’ in 2003 at Lewis’ apartment in the Silverlake neighbourhood of Los Angeles the week after the death of Elliott Smith, with additional help from The Postal Service’s Jimmy Tamborello. The album title riffs on Bob Dylan’s 1975 release ‘Blood on the Tracks’.

Of the recording, Bright Eyes man Oberst comments: “We kind of camped out in there. We stayed up for like two days and made a weird record, which I don’t think I’ve ever heard since then.” Speaking about a possible release for the album, Oberst joked that Jack White’s Third Man Records could make it novelty release. “I’d be into it as long as it’s some kind of edible 7″ or something. We can talk to Jack about making us an edible 7″.” Jenny Lewis then says: “We want a Fruit Roll-Up 7″ of ‘Blood on the 4-Tracks’.”

Jenny Lewis released her latest solo album ‘The Voyager’ earlier this year, whilst Oberst put out his own ‘Upside Down Mountain’. Lewis worked with Beck and Ryan Adams on ‘The Voyager’. The former Rilo Kiley singer’s third solo album was co-produced by Adams, along with Beck and Lewis’ partner Jonathan Rice producing three tracks.