Jeopardy contestant mistakes Arcade Fire for Nickelback in recent episode

The clue revealed that “this Canadian band” have hits such as ‘How You Remind Me’

A Jeopardy contestant garnered attention online when she answered a hint meant for Nickelback with Arcade Fire.

On a recent episode on Monday night (January 3), a music-themed round under the “Billboard Top 200 Albums in 2021” category took place. The show requires participants to answer given clues in the form of a question.

Amy Schneider, who would go on to win the episode, got the first four items in the category correct, which included clues about Tyler, the Creator, Olivia Rodrigo, H.E.R., and Drake. The last item – with $1000 (£737) at stake – was instead answered by Kate Woomer-Deters.


The clue prompted contestants to figure out a Canadian band whose “Volume 1” of their best-of collection included “‘Rockstar’, ‘How You Remind Me’, & 17 other songs”, all of which are singles by Nickelback.

Woomer-Deters swooped in to answer incorrectly, “Who is Arcade Fire?”, while Schneider appeared to be stumped. The third contestant, Harsh Daga, then answered with the correct Canadian band.

Watch the moment – starting from 0:45 – below.


This hasn’t been the only music-related Jeopardy incident to attract outside attention. In an episode on December 27, a clue about Machine Gun Kelly was met with silence when all three contestants – including Schneider – had no idea whose stage name had been recently “shortened to MGK”.


Meanwhile, earlier that month, Arcade Fire played their first concert since the start of the pandemic at a crypto party in Las Vegas.

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