These game show contestants seriously struggled to identify Kendrick Lamar

"I have never been more appalled".

Contestants on US game show Jeopardy! were left seriously stumped last night, after they failed to guess that Kendrick Lamar was the answer to a series of cryptic clues.

As he challenged the contestants to guess Kendrick’s identity, host Alex Trebek said: “Hitmaking was in his ‘DNA.’ He had ‘LOYALTY.’ He was ‘HUMBLE.’ and in ‘LOVE.’—DAMN.”

But despite the glaringly obvious clues being references to Kendrick’s tracks, they didn’t strike the desired chord of familiarity – with each contestant staring blankly as they struggled to identify the answers.

Responding on Twitter, one user wrote: “Kendrick Lamar was the answer on Jeopardy and no one got it right. I have never been more appalled.”

Another raged: “There was a hip hop category on jeopardy this evening, and those dweebs didn’t know who Kendrick Lamar was.”

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar made his live debut at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday night, but the performance left viewers confused after large sections of it were heavily censored by ITV.

The performance of  ‘FEEL.’ and his Rich The Kid collab ‘New Freezer’, also left viewers puzzled after the track appeared to restart three times.

It also began with Kendrick lying atop a glass cube, which contained a Lamborghini that was gradually smashed up.

“Has Kendrick Lamar fallen asleep?”, one fan wrote, while another added: “Just lying on a car, it’s Kendrick Lamar!”.

 One tweet read: “I’m not even mad about Kendrick Lamar chilling on a car because when you’re that much of an icon do as you please it’s art.”