Jered Threatin speaks out after notorious ‘fake band’ European tour stunt

"You are part of the illusion"

Musician Jered Threatin has broken his silence for the first time, after a bizarre stunt that saw him playing a UK tour to non-existent crowds.

Despite boasting an apparent healthy following on social media, venues such as London’s The Underworld claimed that Threatin played to an empty room last week after claiming to have sold almost 300 tickets in advance.

“What happened to the 291 advanced ticket sales your agent said you’d sold? THREE PEOPLE turned up. Please don’t lie about ticket sales, and please don’t contact us again for a show,” they wrote.


Jon Vyner, the booking manager at Underworld told BBC Newsbeat: “They played the full show. If they’ve paid the hire fee upfront, we’re obliged to see the thing through. The most remarkable thing is that it didn’t seem to bother Threatin. He seemed quite happy to give it his all without an audience.”

Now, Stereogum reports that Threatin is  a 29-year-old man named Jered Eames. He is believed to be from Missouri but now lives in California. He previously played with black metal band Saetith, who achieved minor success at local shows in Missouri.
But despite the controversy, Threatin remains seemingly unrepentant.

“What is Fake News? I turned an empty room into an international headline. If you are reading this, you are part of the illusion,” Threatin wrote on Twitter.
Speaking to the BBC, Patrice Lovelace, promotions assistant at Underworld,added: “He’s wasted an opportunity and I don’t think he should have cancelled those last shows because I think they would have done quite well.”