Jeremy Corbyn just pulled one of the biggest Glastonbury crowds of all time

The Labour leader spoke from the Pyramid stage this afternoon

Jeremy Corbyn just pulled one of the biggest crowds Glastonbury has ever seen for his Pyramid Stage speech.

The Labour leader came to Glastonbury to introduce hip-hop act Run The Jewels and give a 20-minute speech to hundreds of thousands of punters at the festival’s biggest stage.

During the speech Corbyn thanked Michael Eavis for inviting him down to Glastonbury, and praised the environment that the festival had crafted for creatives.

The crowd, which filled the Pyramid stage field well before his arrival on the stage. Punters converged from all over the festival, though many couldn’t make it into the field due to the sheer volume of people trying to get to field.

Earlier in the day Corbyn had met firefighters and other emergency services and said that PM Theresa May had to ‘get a grip’ over the Grenfell Tower tragedy, which killed over 70 people.

He then went to the Solstice Bar to serve punters with beer earlier in the afternoon.

Corbyn will also speak at Billy Bragg’s Leftfield Stage this afternoon.