Jeremy Warmsley gives away his new EP

'5 Versions' is available to download for free

Jeremy Warmsley has announced that he is giving away his new EP ‘5 Versions’ online.

The EP, which includes acoustic performances of his previous singles ‘Dirty Blue Jeans’ and ‘Lose My Cool’, also featues a cover of ABBA‘s ‘One Of Us’.

“If you like listening to the pop classics but also go for weird records by artists long-lost to obscurity, then you might just like my EP, which it is a little bit of both,” Warmsley said about the release. “I made it in my bedroom on the first warm day of spring, and I’d like you to hear it, so here you go,” he added.

The EP can be downloaded at

The tracklisting for ‘5 Versions’ is as follows:

‘Dirty Blue Jeans’
‘How We Became’
‘Lose My Cool’
‘5 Verses’
‘One Of Us’