Jermaine Jackson forming modern-day version of the Jackson 5

Singer on the hunt for five Australian singers to recreate Jackson-style 'mania'

Jermaine Jackson is on a mission to find five talented Australians to form a modern-day Jackson 5.

Jackson has said that he believes there’s a huge gap in the market for an act with all-round dancing, singing and musical skills. “You just don’t see the kind of band or that kind of mania that the Jacksons created any more,” he said.

“We need an act that can electrify an audience of any size and bombard the charts with number one songs,” he added in an interview with UnderCover. It’s not enough to sing or dance or both… you have to blow them away with your performance and the quality of your music. It all has to come together in a perfect performance. That is what causes crowds to go wild and super stars to emerge above the rest.”

Jackson aims to use social media and to find, select, train and mentor the five hopefuls. He will also ask viewers to help him select the band, which he will call JJ5. His plan is to then help them record a debut single before sending them off on a world tour.

Jackson, the older brother of Janet Jackson and the late Michael Jackson was in the news earlier this year after successfully changing his name to Jermaine Jacksun. His attorney Bret D.Lewis said the name change was purely for “artistic reasons” and had nothing to do with a recent family rift over the care of Michael Jackson‘s children and his mother Katherine Jackson.