Jess Glynne admits she “used the wrong word” after facing “discrimination” at restaurant

"I take that back, it wasn't the right word"

Jess Glynne has spoken out after facing criticism for claiming she experienced “pure discrimination” when she was turned away from a restaurant for wearing a hoodie.

The singer hit out at Mayfair’s Sexy Fish on Monday evening after she and a friend were unable to secure a table at the exclusive restaurant.

Posting on Instagram at the time, Glynne explained she was dressed in a grey oversized hoodie, jogging bottoms, trainers and a black cap.


The singer called on the restaurant to “check itself” and described the attitude of its staff as “pure discrimination”.

But after facing swift ridicule on social media, Glynne has said she “used the wrong word” in her original criticism.

“I feel I need to come on here and just, like, pull up on what I posted yesterday,” she  began in an Instagram TV video.

“Look, I used the wrong word. Discrimination. I take that back, it wasn’t the right word. It was wrong,” she said.

Glynne went on: “Basically, all I wanted to say was that I felt it was very rude and disrespectful in the way that the Sexy Fish staff were towards me and my friend yesterday and I don’t believe anybody should be spoken to like that and that’s what I wanted to highlight.


She added that she is “so understanding and respectful of dress codes and etiquette”.

“Listen, I have been turned away from numerous places in my life. That does not bother me, it’s not a thing,” she continued.

“That’s not why I was upset. What I was trying to highlight for [the Sexy Fish staff] so that they can better themselves is that there are just ways of dealing with human beings.

“And being respectful and having manners because it doesn’t cost anything you know? And that’s all I wanted to say.

“I hope you guys understand and let me know when it’s safe to come back out.”

In the caption, Glynne recognised she had used the wrong word by describing her experience as discrimination and added that she was “blown back by the rudeness of the staff” at the restaurant.

“Once again I used the wrong word for my explanation and I recognise that. Mistake,” she added.

Last month, it was announced that Glynne will play the Isle of Wight Festival 2021, despite festival boss John Giddings saying in 2019 that the singer would “never be booked to play the Isle of Wight again”.

The singer was seemingly banned for life from appearing at the festival again after she cancelled her slot at the 2019 event at the last minute.

Glynne later said that she pulled out of her performance as she felt “incredibly weak and full of anxiety” moments before heading on stage, adding that she “had to do what was right for my physical and mental health”.

That statement followed media reports which accused Glynne of partying with the Spice Girls until the early hours of the day of her Isle of Wight performance following her support slot at the reunited pop group’s final Wembley Stadium show.

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