Jess Glynne cancels all shows until mid-July

Glynne won't be at TRNSMT festival on doctor's orders

Jess Glynne has been forced to cancel all her shows until mid-July after being diagnosed with a haemorrhaged vocal chord.

Glynne was given a lifetime ban from appearing at Isle Of Wight Festival by promoter John Giddings last month, after she cancelled her performance 10 minutes after she was due on stage.

The singer said she had been suffering from anxiety issues and had been unable to face going on stage.


Her cancelled shows include TRNSMT festival. A statement said Glynne’s replacement would be announced shortly.

In a lengthy statement on Twitter, Glynne has now stated her anxiety had been due to fears over her voice, which have now been diagnosed as vocal chord problems.

Glynne wrote: “I am going to have to cancel my next shows through until July 14 and I hope to be back as soon as possible after that. I know many of my fans feel I let them down so badly when I pulled out of the Isle of Wight Festival but the reason I knew I just wasn’t going to be able to make that performance has now been made clear to me by my doctor, Dr Zeitels.”

Following her Isle Of Wight cancellation, Glynne came in for savage treatment on social media, having also cancelled her appearance at Radio 1’s One Big Weekend festival in May at short notice.

It had also been noted that Glynne had been partying to celebrate the end of her support slot on The Spice Girls‘ stadium tour the night before Isle Of Wight Festival.


“It is true that I went out and celebrated the end of the Spice tour,” Glynne wrote. “That was a massive high for me and I wanted to mark it with the women who’d become friends and mentors to me. But I had also been suffering on and off for weeks with anxiety about my voice. It wasn’t right. I wasn’t sounding my best and I felt there was something wrong.”

Explaining her diagnosis, Glynne wrote: “Two days ago I came to Boston to see my surgeon, who told me my vocal chord has haemorrhaged and that if I wanted to remain as a performer I needed to urgently take a break, rest my voice completely for the next 10 days and try and remain in total silence to give my vocal chords a chance to recover.”

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