The singer-songwriter whose album is produced by Ryan Adams comes to the UK...

JESSIE MALIN – the singer-songwriter whose album is produced by Ryan Adams has announced a LONDON show.

Ryan Adams’ production on Jesse Malin’s ‘The Fine Art Of Self Destruction’ is the first time he has taken desk duties on someone else’s record.

Malin will play songs from the album at the London Spitz on December 10. Tickets are on sale now. For availability call the NME Ticketline on 0870 1 663 663.


Malin is part owner of Niagra in New York’s East Village.

It is there that Ryan Adams recently held an exhibition of his paintings, bringing along Fab Stroke, Marianne Faithfull and former Smashing Pumpkin Melissa Auf Der Maur to the launch.

Ryan Adams also plays guitar on ‘The Fine Art Of Self-Destruction’, and the ubiquitous Auf Der Maur also pops with backing vocals. It was recorded in six days earlier this summer. The album was released in October.

Ryan Adams is generous in praise of Malin. “Jesse Malin’s songs are so good they hurt my feelings,” he said.

Malin has been a figure amongst New York’s film and music set for some time. He had a cameo appearance in Martin Scorsese’s ‘Bringing Out The Dead’ in 1999 and counts left-field film director Jim Jarmusch amongst his inner-circle.

His cover of Ramones ‘Questioningly’ also features on the forthcoming [a][/a] tribute album alongside some major big leaguers including U2 and Metallica.