Jessi on message behind ‘What Type Of X’: “Being different is not wrong”

"I am a woman of strong mentality and for me, loving myself is the most crucial thing”

Korean-American musician Jessi says she hopes her new song ‘What Type of X’ will inspire listeners to be “more confident”.

On Wednesday (March 17), the song talked about how the song came about and what inspired her to write it during a online press conference. The singer-rapper noted that “the most crucial thing” for her is self-love and how important it was for ‘What Type Of X’ to reflect that.

“I am a woman of strong mentality and for me, loving myself is the most crucial thing. If you do not love yourself, nobody will do so. On top of that, you have to be surrounded by people who give off positive vibes,” she said. “Through the song, I want to tell people to be more confident and hope they remember that being different is not wrong.”


Jessi co-wrote ‘What Type of X’ with Psy, who is the head of her agency P Nation. Psy. She shared that the lyrics were originally written in English before Psy helped to translate them, adding that the duo “did not argue as much as we did in the past while working together”.

The singer also noted that, compared to her previous releases, she did not have as much time to prepare for this comeback. Calling herself a “perfectionist”, Jessi added that she feels like she is not fully ready to perform the song on stage yet, although she says she’s “quite content with the single’s quality”.

Last year, Jessi released the hit song ‘Nunu Nana’, which peaked at number two on the South Korean music chat Gaon. The hip-hop-influenced track was her first single to break into the Gaon Digital Chart’s Top 10, after narrowly missing out in 2015 with ‘Unpretty Dreams’.

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