Jessi releases fierce music video for new single, ‘Zoom’

“We want to get photographed and get attention from others. It’s a sad reality,” she said about the song

Jessi has released a music video for her latest digital single, ‘Zoom’.

In the dynamic visual released today (April 13), the Korean-American singer and rapper is the subject of a photoshoot, taking viewers through a wide variety of photography sets and backdrops. The video also features scenes of her performing eye-catching choreography with a team of backup dancers.

I see you lookin’ at my P-I-C / You can stretch it, stretch it, stretch stretch it out, I know you like what you see / Zoom in zoom out / Baby, shocked starin’ like a hawk gawkin’ at me, oww!” Jessi chants in the chorus.


Notably, the ‘Zoom’ music video also features dance group LACHICA (of Street Woman Fighter fame), who choreographed the track’s dance sequences.

In the press conference held ahead of the release, Jessi revealed that the production time for ‘Zoom’ was short in order to accommodate her schedule. “I was pressed for time more than ever preparing for a comeback due to my hectic schedule,” she shared, per The Korea Herald. “In fact, it took about two days to produce the song.”

Jessi also briefly talked about the inspiration behind the lyrics for ‘Zoom’, which she co-wrote alongside P-Nation founder PSY and rapper Yumdda. “We cannot live without smartphones,” Jessi explained. “We want to get photographed and get attention from others. It’s a sad reality.”

‘Zoom’ comes six months after the release of ‘Cold Blooded’. That record also featured groups competing in Street Woman Fighter, with the visual highlighting choreographies that the dance crews on the series had created as part of a challenge for the show.

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