Jessie J: ‘It’s harder for boys to be bisexual’

Singer chats about her sexuality

Jessie J has chatted about her bisexuality in a new interview, saying she thinks it is “harder” for men to be bisexual than women these days.

However, she also said she was generally happy that her generation was more “easy going” when it came to sexuality than generations past were.

Speaking to The Telegraph the singer said: “I’ve been with guys and I’ve been with girls. And I kind of think it’s about the person not the genitals. A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, she doesn’t know what she is’. But I definitely think my generation is more easy going about it.”

She added: “I think it’s harder for boys [to be bisexual]. I think if a girl is bi there’s more acceptance because guys like it. Whereas boys get more stereotyped. And girls are a bit like, ‘Oooh my boyfriend’s bisexual’. But it is what it is. That’s the message I want my album to bring- to just be true to yourself.”