Jessie J: ‘I’d like to record an acoustic album’

Singer admits that she'll change her sound on next album

Jessie J has said that she’d like to record an acoustic album.

Speaking to NME at Glastonbury festival, the singer admitted that the follow up to ‘Who You Are’ will be very different.

She said: “I write about life. So the next album will be about the life I’ve led in the last six months. I had seven years to write the first one and I’ve seen a lot of different things.”

“Things change, but [it’s] just good music. I don’t want it to sound the same, I’d like to record an acoustic album.”

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The singer also recently revealed how she had been threatened since she became famous. She told Q magazine: “I’ve had people say ‘I wanna kill you and your family. Death threats. I’ve had people say, ‘I hope you get HIV and throat cancer at the same time’.”

Jessie J also revealed that she had been branded a devil worshipper because of a gesture she made with her hand in the video for her single, ‘Price Tag’.

”This is 666, apparently,” she said. ”And to me it’s saying, ‘OK’. People have played ‘Do It Like A Dude’ backwards and said they can hear the devil. But people who wanna spread bad energy, I ain’t got time for them to be in my psyche.”