Jessie J: ‘My broken foot has given me a new respect for people who don’t have legs’

Singer says her injury has given her a new perspective on life

Jessie J has said that she has gained a new respect for people with disabilities as she recovers from surgery on her broken foot.

The singer broke her foot earlier this year and told Q that getting over the injury had given her a new perspective on life.

She said: “I’m back in the swing, getting my cast off after nine weeks of this awful Smurf shoe. But it’s put everything in perspective. I have a different respect now for people who don’t have legs.”


The BBC Sound Of 2011 also hit out at people who think that celebrities get special treatment when they are ill or injured.

She added:

You give so much as an artist, you give, you give, you give. I’ll break my foot and I’ve got fans going, ‘I’ve got a tummy ache, can I get a re-tweet.’ People think you go to a special hospital, get special casts and treatment. It’s a lie – I’m the same as anyone else. And that was a moment when I had a proper good cry.

The singer recently had to pull out of her support slot on Katy Perry‘s ‘California Dreams’ tour this November. She was replaced by Ellie Goulding.

You can watch a video of Jessie J being interviewed at Glastonbury Festival earlier this summer by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.