Jessie J returns with new single ‘Real Deal’

Jessie J has returned with new single ‘Real Deal’, her first since 2015’s ‘Flashlight’.

The release follows a short hiatus from music from Jessica Ellen Cornish, who has since become a judge and mentor on the Australian version of The Voice.

In a new interview with Forbesthe singer confirmed that it is not taken from an upcoming album. “I’m still writing and I’m still creating,” she reassured fans. “There’s so much that’s to come. But when it happens, I think people are gonna be happy that I didn’t tell them about it too prematurely. It will be, it will be, it will be… I don’t know. The thing is, I don’t know. But I know it’s there, and I know I’ve said that recently.”


Listen to ‘Real Deal’ below, via Spotify.

Jessie J also revealed that her new material is ‘reminiscent of her first album’.

“I’m so involved in it personally, in that I’ve written it all myself,” she tells Forbes. “I’ve had one producer. It’s almost been like a time of therapy, but with a melody to it.

“It feels like it really is reminiscent of my first album. I just have to know that it’s the right thing that I’m doing, and I have to trust my instincts and act on them. Some days I get frustrated, ’cause I feel for [my fans]. I know it’s been so long and they are so supportive, but I know that when it happens, they’ll forget that it was so long that they didn’t have music.”

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