Watch The Jesus And Mary Chain’s ‘Mood Rider’ video

Song features on new album 'Damage And Joy'

The Jesus And Mary Chain have shared a video for their track ‘Mood Rider’. Watch below.

The song is lifted from ‘Damage And Joy’, the band’s first full-length release in over 18 years, released in March.


The band’s Jim Reid recently spoke to NME, slamming the state of modern guitar music.

“There’s not much of guitar music left at the moment, I don’t hear many guitar bands out there,” Reid said. “It’s kinda pushed underground, guitar music seems to be limping at the moment.

“You can’t tell the difference now between a pop act and a rock band, the production makes them almost identical.”

Speaking of how they came back to make a new album together, Reid told NME: “The idea of doing a new record has been knocking about for a bit now. We got back together in 2007 and it was talked about then – we kinda bickered, William and I, about how to record it and where to record it, and that kinda dragged on a bit.

“It all got shoved onto the back burner, then in the last couple of years we realised we were kinda in agreement, strangely enough, about the mechanics of how to approach it, so hey presto.”