The band will release ’Cold Hard Bitch’ next month, and there’s some treats in store…

Jet have announced that their next single will be ‘COLD HARD BITCH’ and is set for release on August 23.

The single will come out following the band’s NME Stage performance at this year’s V Festival (August 21-22) at Chelmsford’s Hylands Park and Staffordshire’s Weston Park.

‘Cold Hard Bitch’ will be issued on CD, DVD, and 12″ vinyl. The CD will feature ‘Everlovin’ Man’ as the B-side, while the DVD will include a new video for ‘Rollover DJ’ and an audio track of ‘Move On’ recorded live at London’s Brixton Academy.

It has also just been confirmed that Jet‘s debut album ‘Get Born’ has sold over two million copies worldwide.