The rockers say a "more chilled" atmosphere in the camp is likely to lead to a brand new direction...

Jet have revealed the follow up to ‘GET BORN” may take on a more “country” feel.

Drummer Chris Cester has admitted that touring with The Sleepy Jackson has had an influence on the band’s sound.

“Is it a country a western album? Well, becoming friends with The Sleepy Jackson and listening to Beach Boys has really affected our sound”, revealed Cester to XFM.

“We wrote a lot of the record on the back of the bus this year. We had time split up in our own corners of the bus just to work separately, so it’s gonna be even more schizophrenic than our last record,” he explained. “We haven’t been talking much, but hopefully we’ll come together and put it all together in December.

“We’ve got more slow songs than are on the first album,” he said. “We’re gonna try do something completely different, and there’s been talk of making an album of mostly ballads.”

Cester also explained that the band were close to splitting at the start of the year, through the constant pressure of touring. “We’ve been mostly ravaging America recently,” he said. “We’ve been in each other’s faces for the best part of a year and had a few hairy moments towards the end. But we’ve just had four weeks off, so I don’t have spots on my legs any more.

“I’ve got a brother in the band [guitarist Nic Cester] and another guy I grew up with, so of course we drive each other mad. But we’re more chilled now.”

Jet release their new single ‘Look What You’ve Done’ on March 8.