Jet begin work on second album

The band have 24 songs for new record

Jet have revealed they are considering 27 songs for their second album.

The band, who are currently working on the record with first album producer and Oasis collaborator Dave Sardy, posted on their official website to explain their elongated absence.

“We are delighted to announce that we have finally commenced work on our as yet untitled second album. We are extremely excited,” the band wrote. “We have taken a long time with this baby…because everytime we got together, more and more songs piled on…so we couldn’t decide which ones to work on. Not the worst of problems.”

Jet explained they had 27 songs but “you wont hear all of them on this record”.

Songs have been written in Barbados, Brookfield Massachusetts and Los Angeles since December 2004 and are dedicated to the father of Nic and Chris Cester, who died of cancer two years ago.

The record will be recorded in Los Angeles, though they there are no definite release plans.

“The release date will depend on exactly when we are satisfied that the record is far superior to ‘Get Born’,” the band explained. “We can tell you that this will be sooner than later, and it will definitely be somewhere mid-year. We’re so much closer than before.”